Bowling Tips

How to Increase Bowling Ball Rev Rate

Everyone wants to increase their rev rate in bowling. Not only is it exciting to watch the ball hook from right to left (for right hand bowlers of course) just before exploding into the pocket, you’ll notice that most of the professional bowlers that win have high rev rates. There are several ways to increase your …

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Different Versions of the Bowling Release

There are several different techniques that bowlers can use when releasing the ball. Here are a few examples: The “standard” release involves holding the ball with the fingers and thumb, with the thumb placed on the side of the ball and the fingers underneath. The ball is then released by straightening the fingers and pulling …

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Understanding Bowling Ball Motion

Understanding bowling ball motion is an important aspect of the sport, as it can help bowlers choose the right ball and make the necessary adjustments to achieve the desired result on the lanes. Here are a few key concepts to understand when it comes to bowling ball motion: Hook potential: The hook potential of a …

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