Tips on Bowling Timing

we’re here at Jupiter Florida Jupiter lanes with the legendary coach Fred Borden the goal coach the one that actually started the whole program for us BC the development program everything welcome coach rod it’s it’s nice to be here you know it’s always fun to talk about coaching the technique of throwing a bowling ball talk about our great coaches we have across the nation the u.s. bc certification program and the need for coaches for these young people around the world but you know one thing just starting off getting right into the action one of the things that I see that is overlooked and and not worked on very hard is its timing people jump right in and they throw the ball and they don’t work on timing very much you know why they don’t have a coach they don’t know what to work on so much let’s visit that topic a little bit yeah actually defining the different styles of timing it’s just that we have this time they say my timings off coach but they not really knowing what they’re describing or what’s going on exactly you know we have different styles of players we have prankers we have strokers we have rollers and timings are different for different athletes what’s your drumbeat how are you wired where should you hold the ball we need to visit that and what athletes need to do is go to the bowling center and try a few different things and identify what makes your timing feel real good at the bottom of the swing let’s talk about that in the different styles a little bit you will know you will know right in your gut that actually this feels good to me this is what I need to do this is my heartbeat I think you said a mouthful and you said the word feel the feel at the bottom of swing when the thumb drop clean you know you had good timing when you drop the ball that’s early timing when you hang up in the ball that’s a late timing when you get the clean release that’s because of a real good time where we have the different players and we see different players you have players like Shaun rash he’s more of a crank or he likes to hit the ball he’s a high-energy guy he’s got the big backswing so he’s more of a cracker yeah you get it like it Tommy Jones as well is gonna be into that cranker category and then we have that person in between it’s kind of like we call them a stroker you know and you can have the stroker you look at a Randy Peterson you look at a marshal Kent that the strokers of the game there the what we would call the blueprint bowlers we’re not all that way we’re not that to intermediate that’s not a person’s real laid back the real laid-back people there are more rollers than norm Duke sort of mr.

Smooth the Earl Anthony of yesteryear the roller player where they just roll the ball they’re not into access hilt and rotation and getting all that energy but then you have the Shawn rashes well that’s his personality you cannot fight your personality in the way you were born the way the Big Boss built you is the way you need to set up your timing and that’s so vital to getting a good bowling game to get that real perfect timing for your style we’re gonna do first off is we’re gonna have Greg throw his normal shot and then let’s analyze why he does what he does and then we’re gonna have him throw some different types of deliveries and we’ll talk about each one of them so that you could start to choose the one that you feel will fit your personality in your game so let’s throw a natural shot first Greg and if you’ll notice he’ll hold the ball down around waist high right at waist high just a little below his waist but very specifically every time you’re gonna place the ball right in that position now we’re gonna make a delivery and the reason he’s holding it down is because he’s got a high back swing so he needs to hold the ball a little lower very good great shot and what happens here the person has a high backswing they hold the ball a little lower because their backswing is going high we can’t have a high ball position a high back swing we’re in start playing tug-of-war with our timing we’re in our force we’re gonna have tension tensions a killer we need to have the timing set up for you Greg if you would let’s show if you want to slow it down what we’re gonna do we’re gonna bring it up and we’re gonna have it out here longer which automatically shorten it up on it yeah so we’re gonna bring the ball into a higher position and we’re gonna slow down the start a little bit let’s say he was a little easier going not as athletic and just just the shot making player okay now we’re gonna bring it up see now look where he’s got the ball from being down here up here very high and we’re gonna go out a little more nice and slow now that’s very good for you people throw the ball too hard bring it up and get it out a little longer delay getting it into the swing you’ll want a little more power get it into the swing a little earlier get it up here and get it into the swing a little slower ball position and then the start those two things are key to setting up good timing right for openers now let’s talk about the third thing we have the ball position and the start now let’s talk about the third swing your back swing height let’s specifically watch his swing height well look at his body build he’s got long arms he’s a lanky guy he’s athletic he’s young and flexible you think he’s gonna have a short swing I don’t think so look at that how matched up that is and how athletic that looks and how free it is the reason it’s free is he’s matched up he’s got this ball position with that higher back swing okay now lower ball position higher swing higher ball position shorter swing who are you what’s best for you and your game now we have two other things that we like to talk about we have ball position height okay and then we have the speed of the swing I want to see one here where you just get your fastest swing that you can get then let’s say the lanes are dry and we’re going to talk about this quite a bit in a little while but let’s really do it with a fast swing watches start here and watch the speed of the swing see just picked up the tempo he picked up the movement of the swing again we go back to that Eminem son Gregg the mechanics and the motion that was your same position but it’s faster more aggressive exactly get it out there a little faster and get your body moving and get everything moving so you can throw it down the link as the lanes are burning up the lanes are dry now let’s do the little slower position now here’s the big key however when we talk about this and here’s what we hear all the time Gregan this is the misnomer when I ask someone well how do you slow down how do you speed up they say well I do it with my feet no we want to match them up when you have that faster swing the feet have to go faster don’t they and when you have the slower swing the feet have to be slower so let’s try to match up the swing with the upper body and the lower body needs to match up to have perfect timing we want to have good timing every day for the rest of our life so we have to have the top and the bottom match up so let’s watch the slower motion here with both the swing and the footwork watch there between the last shot in this shop Wow of cansado how good is that boys it nice and you have something to do exactly what we want to have done good shot buddy good shot there you have it all position height move that ball a little bit to change your speed control to change your swing the speed of your swing the height of your backswing the speedy your footwork you put that all together you’ve got real good timing but figure out which part of the combination is best for you where do you want to hold the ball how far out how fast you want to move it your backswing height speed your swing the speed your feet now you’ve got the plan it’s a closer today timing is where is the ball when you arrive at the foul line when your left foot enters the slide where is the ball well early timing is when you get that ball in front of you if I get this chair out in front of me boy it feels pretty heavy if I get that chair back here now look at my body standing up I’ve got late timing late timing means the body is in front of the ball early timing is the balls in front of the body now perfect timing is when that left foot hits if I get not perfect timing I could throw this chair halfway down the lane because I have my body in front of the 15 pounds or the 16 pounds you want to plant your body at the line the left foot hits and the balls back in this zone cranker stroker roller right in this area here is where the ball should be when your foot enters a slide coming in and getting ready to make that release when you work on your timing the cranker has a little later the strokers in between and the roller is right there by the right knee so we have right knee back to waist high right in this area here figure out which one worked for you you’ll have natural timing you have natural power and what will happen is it controls the angle of your torso let’s talk about that just for a second if you throw more hook I want to be back here to open my shoulders so low for my hook now I have perfect torso angle now if I throw a little less hook now let me bring the ball a little closer now I don’t have as much open angle of my shoulders in a roller I’m a little more square because I throw it a little straighter up the lane then I match my timing to match my style when you get that you’re on your way now you’ve got the formula to great play

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