How to Increase Bowling Ball Rev Rate

Can we have players coming in for lessons and such one of the things they’d like to really work on there they seem like they think they get better on is their reps or their rpms right you know we always ask students before they come in what is it you think you need to get better at to be more effective in today’s game and almost always whether it’s a senior player guy-girl typically looking to hook the ball more to have higher rate so they’re looking at different techniques they see on the internet or different wrist supports and they’re trying to find that magic like the ribs are going to cure everything that most of them pretty much are going to be where they’re going to be yeah unfortunately you know and I get in today’s game that high Rev rate is it’s not only is it exciting to watch it seems to be what’s winning but not everybody has the capability to reach those Heights and the reps are really a result or the release of a result of that whole approach so you can be it more efficient get cleaner and everything but to really go from 250 to 350 or 350 to 475 is going to be pretty hard yeah it’s unlikely so let’s go send over to Nick or sports performance specialist and explain why different windows of developing these techniques need to be met at a different age through studies such as long term athlete development by the Canadian sport for life they found that there’s windows and trainability that the body is most receptive to different types of training for example like speed strength and flexibility so if you don’t hit those windows for speed and power like throwing the ball faster and with more revs it’s a lot harder to develop those areas later in life so a lot of times you get kind of stuck in those areas unless you develop them well while you’re a kid the age groups for speed training for kids for both boys and girls give you about 6 to 9 for the first window and then there’s a second window of 11 to 13 for girls and 13 to 16 for boys so those are the time periods when the bodies are most receptive to different types of speed training so a lot of times it’s also beneficial to participate other sports in order to get a full rounded experience with training it’s for Speed the best time to develop skills is going to be through ages 8 through 11 for girls and 9 through 12 for boys in particular these skills are going to include increasing rubber 8 and developing the skills on how to produce rubbery this is going to be the most vital time to do it if you don’t do it there in this this time period it’s going to be a lot harder to obtain an increased amount of reveries later in life kanna’s Nick explained a lot of our players that come here and they’re what you call a classifier the classic player or the stroke or even some of the seniors they’ve kind of missed that window for that technique to really develop the higher Rev rate right you know just do you think about a couple weeks ago we had the developmental team in from Puerto Rico and I remember being so excited about having these young players to work with because there was all this room to get better with you know what everybody’s looking to get better at these days but the senior players the players have been bowling for twenty thirty years you’re pretty much your style is established and I think a lot of times players get in trouble or even why slumps are created you start changing things to get away from your natural style and it’s more important that you keep your natural style but just refine it make it more efficient write the repeatability goes down you know the ability to keep your arm swing going the right direction shot after shot in the effort to get a higher revery well none of that’s going to matter if you can’t hit the pocket consistently and we test a lot of times players or Rev rates here and we look at their versatility and we want them to throw their normal release and their normal rpm rate and then we ask them to get more rpms and then we ask them to get less and it’s kind of we’ve seen some interesting things right very often when they’re when we have players looking to increase their reverie actually goes the opposite way when we’re trying to get them to lessen it because they you know in their mind it means that they’re going to do less so their hand gets softer and quieter and almost at that point faster and actually the RPMs go up so it’s a small percentage but the conception that to get more rpms gret it’s more grabbing and more lifting and that delays that ball coming off the hand actually has less rpms and then they think well I’m taking my hand out so they just relax and let it roll off the hand and the RPMs go up so it’s completely opposite what a lot of players think their fingers are able to stay in it longer therefore that timeframe from the thumb exiting and your fingers exiting that’s longer than your reverie is going to be higher so some keys to increase your reverie for one is in fact you’ve got to have a very good fit to get your grip pressure down because the key for those clean rpms is the very little grip pressure so the hand can just roll out of the ball you don’t want to have to hold on to the ball and let go of it because it almost is like a knuckleball in baseball right so a better fit and you know when we look at it these are the things where if you’re at this point in your career if you’re looking for an increased Rev rate we want to look at fit and we want to look at once in a while there’s some some things happening in the physical game you know typically swing related that that’s gonna there’s a window there where we can get some increase and we’re looking at posture because the release is really the result of the whole game it just happens you don’t want to be thinking about the release the other way to increase your revs is going to be posture we need to get those fingers below the equator that bowling bolt when the thumbs coming out of the bone well that’ll help the RPMs go up but it’s not going to go from 250 to 375 we might get to 50 to 75 maybe to 80 or something like that but it’s not going to be but we want consistency right that seems to be a pretty common sort of pitfall with most most folks is that they kind of get here and you can see their hands sort of break at the end of the the end of the push away or at some point they just sort of get those fingers just on top of the ball as opposed to like you said a little bit lower below the equator of the bowling ball so write it start they might have a good fit nice relaxed hand as soon as the push Way starts and that ball gets in front of your hand out here in front of you you’re going to have to grab it your rpms are going to go down so that technique will help a lot the key is is a nice relaxed hand loose fit and make sure the ball rolls off your hand really return to high red players they don’t think about anything they’re just throwing the ball

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