900 Series (Bowling)

900 series in bowling is when an individual or bowler bowls three (3) consecutive perfect games.  The maximum score one can get in a single game is 300 which consists of 12 strikes in a row from start to finish.  (10 frames multiplied by 30 pins per frame equals 300).  To learn more about how scoring in bowling works, click here.

To bowl a perfect 900 Series, a bowler will need to throw 36 total strikes in a row.  In a typical league league format, you will bowl 3 games.  When you factor in the lane conditions, the amount of bowlers bowling on the pair of lanes, bowling styles, and a list of other factors such as weather, humidity, etc., you can imagine this is not an easy tasks.  Only a hand few of bowlers in the world has actually done this with credible witnesses. 

Below is a list of bowlers who have bowled a perfect 900 series.  Congrats to the few that’s have accomplished this amazing feat.

900 Series Bowling List

The 900 Club

Jeremy Sonnenfeld20(R)Lincoln, Nebraska2 February 1997
Tony Roventini28(L)Greenfield, Wisconsin9 November 1998
Vince Wood20(R)Moreno Valley, California29 September 1999
Robby Portalatin28(L)Jackson, Michigan28 December 2000
James Hollywood Hylton28(R)Salem, Oregon2 May 2001
Jeff Campbell II22(R)New Castle, Pennsylvania12 June 2004
Darin Pomije30(R)New Prague, Minnesota9 December 2004
Robert Mushtare17(R)Fort Drum, New York5 December 2005
Lonnie Billiter Jr.24(R)Fairfield, Ohio13 February 2006
Robert Mushtare (2)18(R)Fort Drum, New York19 February 2006
Mark Wukoman50(R)Greenfield, Wisconsin22 April 2006
P. J. Giesfeldt24(R)Milwaukee, Wisconsin23 December 2006
Rich Jerome Jr.29(R)Baltimore, Maryland22 December 2008
Chris Aker47(L)Winnemucca, Nevada30 October 2009
Andrew Teall24(R)Medford, New Jersey2 November 2009
Andrew Mank22(R)Belleville, Illinois18 March 2010
William Howell III22(L)Newburgh, New York21 October 2010
Matt Latarski23(R)Medina, Ohio28 November 2010
Bob Kammer Jr41(R)Crown Point, Indiana9 January 2012
John Martorella Sr.28(R)Greece, New York12 April 2012
Jimmy Schmitzer18(R)Norco, California20 April 2012
James Williams47(R)Wakefield, Rhode Island16 April 2013
Joe Scarborough50(R)Lady Lake, Florida21 April 2013
Todd James31(R)Laurel, Delaware18 March 2014
Amos Gordon29(R)Fort Carson, Colorado11 April 2014
Earon Vollmar26(R)Toledo, Ohio19 January 2015
Hakim Emmanuel38(R)Brockton, Massachusetts19 February 2015
David Sewesky27(L)Plymouth, Michigan10 January 2016
Dale Gerhard59(R)Linden, Pennsylvania12 January 2016
Sean Osbourne24(R)Cypress, Texas22 November 2016
John Buchanan III71(R)Evansville, Indiana11 January 2017
Sam Esposito26(R)Lockport, Illinois3 February 2017
Joe Novara26(R)East Islip, New York16 October 2017
Jonathan Wilbur36(R)North Clarendon, Vermont14 January 2019
Jeremy Milito26(L)Farmingdale, New York25 April 2019
Wesley Low Jr.23(L)Glendale, Arizona19 July 2020
Cody Schmitt26(R)Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin17 November 2021
Stephen Kosela42(R)Aliquippa, Pennsylvania13 March 2022
Bryan Deck44(R)New Castle, Indiana20 June 2022

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