Visualizing Your Bowling Shot


Align:  Start see the ball be the ball often visualization is a big part of the mental game and one of those big choices can be targeting and how you look at a target you have to make the choice to physically focus on that target and we’re going to see one of us pcs most technologically-advanced products to show you how to target visualization is a really important part of bowling it starts way back in the serie before you even pick up the bowling ball the great thing about visualization is it’s something you can practice at home it’s all about closing your eyes visualizing that perfect shot off your hand and watching the motion as it goes down the lane hitting the pocket rod we have a great tool here at the ITRC for visualization you know we call the goggles and the goggles is a neat innovation that we have that we actually can see what a bowler is looking at so even though the bowler is visualizing what they want the ball they’re doing transits going down we can actually see what they’re looking at when they pick up the ball and the motion that the ball is making down the lane the interesting thing that we found so far is there’s a distinctive difference between mid-level bowlers and high-end bowlers our mid-level bowlers their eyes are all over the place they’re kind of think they’re looking at a target and they’ll jump off to the left jump off the right look up and down and they’ll swear they’re looking at the target but when we get to the advanced bowlers Elite bowlers what have we seen with the elite bowlers usually what we watch is our breakpoint from down the lane back towards the foul line that allows us to watch the lane back to front front to back very rarely do we look side to side and what’s interesting is we’ve seen it on generations on you know different generations but some are based off target and they say focus on that one target at the end others are seen on the new players are constantly moving up and back but everything is in linear front back up in the length nothing going horizontal on side to side one of the great things I found with the goggles is it really showed me on some of the shots where I really thought I hit my target and I was getting my ball to that break point it showed me by fact that I was not hitting my target so it brought out some points that I needed to work on yeah we’ve actually seen to some players have been in very I’m almost astounded how much their head moves around with the goggles on there we can actually see how much their heads are moving around some players even close their eyes at the moment release are trying to get that little extra stuff on the bowling ball and they actually close your eyes they don’t believe until they actually see it on these goggles and it actually wants their mind sees it just like the visualization then they’ll believe it then they can do it so actually what you’re telling me is the goggles and you’re telling me I’m not perfect oh wow how do you answer that

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