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Documenting 300 Games Bowled Worldwide

Search for bowlers who have bowled a perfect 300 Game.  Not all 300 games are sanctioned 300 games. To be listed on this 300 Club directory, fill out the form below.  If you have 10 or more SANCTIONED 300 games (all scores will be verified), you are qualified to be on the 300 Game Hall of Fame directory.

300 Club Directory

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There are currently 22 names in this directory beginning with the letter R.
Ramiro Tafoya

Ramon Kifer

Randal Hillery

Raphael Holly

Rashad Helmer

Raymon Trivett

Raymundo Matson

Raymundo Mcphail

Rebbecca Kennett

Reed Buser

Refugio Eley

Renea Dehn

Reyes Pflug

Rick Ng

Rickey Loewen

Rico Uyehara

Rob Westley

Roberto League

Roosevelt Robuck

Royce Canary

Russel Merkle

Ryan Tamburrino

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Submit your 300 game and be listed on the world’s largest public 300 Game directory.  Honest 300 games only please.  Accepted 300 Game verifications include a screenshot of 300 game from Bowl.com, actual video of your 300 game, screenshot of a league sheet or recap.

300 Club

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Q: What is BowlingAddicts.com?

A: A: BowlingAddicts.com is a website dedicated to documenting 300 games bowled worldwide. It also serves as an online resource for the bowling community.

Q: Why was BowlingAddicts.com created?
A: Because 300 Games are rare moments in bowling and in a bowler’s life. There’s nothing like capturing that moment to later watch and relive such a great experience. Keep them cameras rolling!

Q: How long will it take to get my video uploaded to the website and on the BowlingAddicts Youtube channel?
A: Sometimes within a day but it can take up to a week. We’re currently working on quicker solutions.

Q: How will I know if my video will be on the BowlingAddicts YouTube channel and website?
A: Subscribe to the Bowling Addicts Youtube Channel and you will get emailed when processed.  Don’t forget to like, comment, and hit the notification bell to stay update to date with you bowling community.


Q: Why isn’t my 300 Game featured on the Bowling Addicts YouTube channel and website?
A: There is a backlog of videos due to the number of submissions that we receive. Please be patient…

Q: How do I get on the 300 Game Hall of Fame directory?
A: You must bowl at least 10 sanctioned 300 games.  All 300 games will be verified through bowl.com before submitted to the directory.

This site is dedicated to all the Bowlers out there who appreciate this great sport! And to all the Junior Bowlers keeping the game alive!

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